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Washable Wool Duvet

Washable Wool Duvet

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Washable Wool

Our washable wool is filled with genuine SuperWash* wool and can be easily machine laundered. Our SuperWash* wool uses the “Hercosett 125” shrink-proofing process to allow laundering. The washable wool is a convenient option that offers all of the same features as our classic but can be machine-washed.

We choose not to apply additional chemical fresheners to keep our wool as natural as possible.

Naturally flame retardant and hypoallergenic.

*SuperWash wool is natural wool that goes through a chlorine wash and is coated with a polymer, which makes it washable.

Product Details

  • Fill - Washable Wool (*Superwash)
  • Cover - 100 % Natural Cotton
  • Handcrafted in North Vancouver, BC Canada


  • Twin (64" x 88")
  • Queen   (89" x 90")
  • King   (106" x 90")
  • Super King  (112" x 94") (Currently Unavailable)


  • Light Weight - best for hot sleepers or hot rooms, hot climate
  • Regular Weight - best for all climates or you're not too hot or too cold
  • Heavy Weight - for those that sleep cold or like to keep their bedroom cold 

We are available for a chat if you want to discuss what weight will work best for you. 

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