It's Not A Goodbye. It's a new hello.

Dear The Green Bed Store customers, we've decided to close The Green Bed Store to focus on manufacturing and selling beddings with SnugSleep. This decision wasn't easy, but we believe it was the best to keep our focus towards ethical, hand-crafted quality products for our customers.

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The Green Bed Store Thanks You

Our commitment remains unchanged, but our focus has shifted. Remember our motto: "Committed to providing the healthiest sleep possible." It will always be our primary motivation to continuously improve and offer the best products for our customers.

And to do so, we've decided that it was time to close The Green Bed Store and focus on a limited yet carefully curated selection of organic and natural bedding products on our online store.

We value your support and trust in our brand, which is why we want to be transparent about this shift in our business. While The Green Bed Store is no longer, the people behind it are still passionate and working hard to bring you the best  sleep solutions.  

Rest assured, we're dedicated to ensuring you have the best sleep experience!

Yves St-Hilaire & The Green Bed Store Team